We're sorry, but our wholesale sales are exclusively targeted at advertising agencies and BTL distributors. We are unable to serve orders from individual customers or companies that do not engage in such activities.

To register as an advertising agency or BTL distributor, please contact our customer service team through the contact form on our website or directly via email at biuro@texet.pl. Our representatives will get in touch with you to discuss the details and provide further information regarding the registration process.

Texet Poland distributes through intermediaries to countries in Central and Eastern Europe, including Romania, Lithuania, and Bulgaria.
It depends. If you are logged in as a representative of an advertising agency or B2B intermediary, the displayed prices are wholesale net prices. Non-logged-in users only see recommended prices.


Yes, it is possible to rent patterns for 14 days. The patterns must be returned in an intact, original condition to the address of Texet Poland, ul.Krzemowa 1, 62-002 Suchy Las. We do not rent patterns in white color for technical reasons.

The stock levels available in the Polish warehouse in Poznań and the central warehouse in Belgium are visible on the product page.

You will find size charts on the product page. If it is not available, please contact your sales representative or the Texet Poland office.

Grammage is the weight of one square meter of material specified in grams [g/m2].

The WP designation is an indicator of water resistance (the name comes from the English word "Waterproof"), in other words, the amount of water pressure the material can withstand without leaking within a day. The numbers correspond to millimeters [mm] of water. For example, WP 1000 means that a given jacket can withstand a 24-hour water pressure of 1000 mm and will not get wet. The MVP parameter (an acronym for Moisture Vapour Permeability) indicates the breathability of the material and is expressed in grams [g], which means how well it allows water to pass through the softshell jacket to the outside.

MVP 1000 means that approximately 1000 g of water will evaporate over an area of 1 square meter of the material to the outside of the jacket. This factor is important because it prevents sweat from adhering to the body.

There is a possibility to integrate data after logging in the Data Export section. Click on your name after logging in, visible in the top menu (next to the search box and cart), and select the XML/CSV DATA option. On the XML/CSV data page, you can copy the link with data in XML format for all brands in the offer at once or separately. The links containing data placed on the Texet Poland server are updated twice a day. The file with stock data is placed separately from the product data files.

No, but for years we have been cooperating with trusted partners throughout Poland, so we can always help with the labeling of our products.


Returns should be sent in an undamaged, original condition to Texet Poland, ul.Krzemowa 1, 62-002 Suchy Las. We do not rent white patterns for technical reasons.

You have 14 days to return the rented items. If for any reason the deadline is to be extended, please contact the sales representative.

Complaints should be submitted through the Returns and Complaints page by filling out the information form with the order number, index numbers of the advertised assortment, photos, etc. More information on the website.

The processing time for a complaint is 14 days.

After consulting with a sales representative, returns or complaints should be sent to the address: Texet Poland, ul.Krzemowa 1, 62-002 Suchy Las.


The cost of delivery is 18.50 PLN net per box. Orders with a value exceeding 2,500 PLN net qualify for free shipping.

Orders with a value exceeding 2,500 PLN net are eligible for free delivery.

We send the waybill number to your email address when the status of your order changes to "SHIPPED".

Yes. When placing an order, choose the "Personal Pickup" delivery option. You can pick up the order at the Texet Poland warehouse located at ul.Krzemowa 1, 62-002 Suchy Las.

You should immediately contact the sales representative with the order number and the missing product item numbers.


Currently, the only payment method available is a bank transfer to the Texet Poland account.

The first orders should be paid based on the Proforma Invoice. Subsequent orders have a default payment term of 14 days on the invoice.

The first orders should be paid in full based on the Proforma Invoice. The possibility of partial payment of the proforma invoice before implementation is possible only after arrangements with the sales representative.


Please contact the sales representative or Texet Poland office.

Use the "Remind Password" option, you will receive a link to the page where you can set a new password to the email address provided during registration.

Click on your name visible in the top menu (next to the search bar and shopping cart) after logging in and select the option "My offers".


The terms and conditions of the service can be found on the Terms and Conditions page.

If you have comments or suggestions for changes to our service, please write a message to pawel.bialas@texet.pl.

If you encounter technical issues on the website, please inform the sales representative or Texet Poland office.