We deeply believe that as human beings, we have an inherent sense of justice. We believe in the sustainable development of our company and that it is possible to combine business with social responsibility. The recent years of the pandemic have confirmed to us that caring for people and the planet is the only right direction.

New Wave Group has been creating classic, durable products for many years that are used for a long time. NWG supports the production of organic cotton in collaboration with the non-profit organization Textile Exchange and is a member of the Swedish Chemicals Group at Swerea IVF, which supports our efforts to reduce or replace chemical substances. An increasing number of our products have the OEKO-TEX certification, indicating that they have undergone independent control of the entire value chain and are skin-friendly. This is just a part of the collaboration and certifications that confirm our social responsibility.


Consistently, we are transitioning to the use of environmentally friendly materials. An increasing number of garments are made from organic cotton, which means they are produced without the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetic modification (GMO) that are harmful to nature, soil, and the people involved in cotton cultivation.

Similarly, the polyester used in production, in a growing number of models, is sourced from recycling, providing a second life for PET bottles. For example, to produce 1 jacket from the Printer Prime line, we utilize approximately 55 PET bottles. We are also systematically transitioning to eco-friendly packaging materials, such as recycled paper and bags made from biodegradable material (PLA).


New Wave Group is always close to the production of its products. We have our own purchasing departments that are responsible for sourcing and procurement, enabling us to have close collaboration with our suppliers and actively monitor their activities. Our CSR team works in various purchasing departments and consists of full-time employees whose main task is to monitor and support suppliers in social and environmental dimensions.

We are a member of the global organization BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), whose aim is to improve working conditions in the supply chain. The Cottover brand is produced in accordance with the requirements of the Fairtrade organization. This ensures that the working conditions in factories are appropriate, and employees are treated with due respect and in accordance with the law.


In Poland, we have decided to participate in the initiative of the service, which involves planting trees on our behalf. Since 2021, 1% of the value of ordered products from the eco-friendly brand Cottover, the Printer Prime line, and selected products made from environmentally friendly materials is allocated for tree planting in Poland.


We strive for continuous improvement and a gradual shift from using conventional cotton and polyester to organic and recycled materials. We are strengthening our CSR team, which works with unwavering determination and commitment, contributing to the success of our company. Fair compensation, environmental initiatives, and respect for human rights are the key goals for the coming years.