Sagaform, a brand of Swedish design, has been bringing smiles to many homes and families since 1996, offering products with timeless design and sustainable production. With the main goal for every product to find its place in Swedish households, Sagaform started its operation on Sagagatan Street in Borås, Sweden.

This brand is synonymous with caring about closeness and creating products with a clearly defined purpose: to find a home everywhere. Timeless design and a strong connection to Scandinavian design are the foundation on which the development of this brand is based. Sagaform's range includes not only gifts but also kitchen accessories and interior decorative details that combine functionality with the aesthetics of Swedish design. These products, valued for their quality and durability, have been created to serve and delight many generations. They are "Swedish originals" - products that promote the creation of bonds, easy to like and give, designed to be appreciated and used by families for years.

Sagaform stands out in the market not only thanks to its products but also through its commitment to sustainable development. The brand continues to develop its work around sustainable production of gifts and home items that are to be used and appreciated in many homes and by many families for a long time. This represents a care for the natural environment and for future generations who will also be able to enjoy the beauty and functionality of Sagaform products.

In Poland, in the B2B segment, the distributor of the Sagaform brand is Texet Poland, which makes these timeless Swedish design products available to Polish companies. Distribution is carried out through specialized advertising agencies and BTL product intermediaries, ensuring a wide reach and availability of Sagaform products on the Polish market. This allows Polish companies to enrich their offerings with unique and durable products that contribute to bond creation and support sustainable development.