J. Harvest & Frost is a brand born out of passion for creating the highest quality business attire that combines elegance and comfort, both at work and during rest. Founded with the ambition to offer exceptional products available at an affordable price, the brand draws inspiration from the fashion of the first half of the 20th century, paying great attention to details and diversity of cuts, to meet the expectations of every customer. Thanks to the collaboration of James Harvest Sportswear and Frost, J. Harvest & Frost combines tradition with modernity, offering clothes that reflect luxury and refined style.

The J. Harvest & Frost range mainly includes business attire, including shirts that are perfect for both work and an elegant dinner. The brand is constantly looking for new solutions to provide customers with clothes made from high-quality fabrics, perfect cuts, and a sense of luxury. The J. Harvest & Frost collections are divided into lines: Green Bow, Red Bow, Purple Bow, Indigo Bow, Yellow Bow, and Black Bow, each designed with the aim of meeting various fashion needs and preferences.

By choosing J. Harvest & Frost, customers invest in clothing that not only stands out for its high quality and attention to detail but also promotes an image of professionalism and elegance. J. Harvest & Frost is a combination of tailoring tradition with modern solutions, offering products that are synonymous with luxury and style in the business fashion world.

J. Harvest & Frost is dedicated to customers who value the combination of functionality and elegance. Each product line has been designed with different situations in mind – from formal business meetings, through weekend relaxation, to daily challenges at work. The brand ensures that everyone can find something for themselves, regardless of individual needs and style preferences.