D.A.D. Sportswear


D.A.D. Sportswear, committed to progress, is opening a new chapter in the future of sportswear. By focusing on eco-friendly materials, the brand has decided to produce new jackets exclusively in black with discreet branding to emphasize their versatility and elegance. An innovative approach is the use of recycled polyester, sourced from processed PET bottles, marking a step towards sustainable production and reflecting the brand’s concern for the environment.

D.A.D. Sportswear's commitment to sustainable development is also evident in their use of Bionic Finish Eco, which provides water repellency without the harmful PFC substances, showcasing the brand's efforts to find more ecological solutions in their production processes. All zippers come from the renowned YKK brand, ensuring high quality and durability of the products.

The brand’s offerings include not only clothing but also wind- and waterproof jackets that allow the skin to breathe, thanks to a special coating or membrane. This combination of functionality and comfort meets the needs of active individuals in various weather conditions.

Proudly emphasizing its Scandinavian roots, D.A.D. Sportswear is not only a sportswear manufacturer but also a promoter of sustainable development. Through cooperation with the New Wave Group, a supplier committed to sustainable principles, D.A.D. affirms its commitment to socially and ecologically responsible clothing production. Through its actions, the brand inspires both businesses and individual consumers to make conscious purchasing decisions, contributing to building a better future for us all.