Cutter & Buck, a brand with deep roots in the Pacific Northwest, lives by the philosophy "the more, the better." We are pioneers who are not afraid of challenges and are always striving to improve the world around us. Our clothing, born on the shores of the bustling port of Seattle, carries the spirit of this unique place where the sea (Cutter) and mountains (Buck) meet in harmony.

Our products are designed with performance and style in mind. Features such as moisture-wicking, flexibility, UV protection, and easy care combine comfort with reliability in Cutter & Buck's clothing. These characteristics make each piece of our apparel an ideal companion in everyday life as well as during outdoor adventures.

Cutter & Buck's commitment to sustainable development is as strong as our passion for adventure. We aim to create durable products and responsible operational practices that reflect our love and respect for nature. By choosing our clothing, customers not only receive exceptional products but also become part of our broader mission to protect the environment.

Cutter & Buck is more than just clothing—it is the true soul of the Pacific. We offer garments that not only look great but are also adapted to the dynamic lifestyles of our customers, allowing them to be stylish and active in any situation. Our brand is a testament to an ongoing passion for exploring new horizons and celebrating life without limits.